Friday, 19 May 2017

Chash Tea: Lavender Earl Grey

It's fair to say it's been a bit of a week here at Laura's Tea Room. It's been a wee bit stressful and not in that good stress kind of way. Rather in the "stress leads to cluster headaches" manner. And this is where blogging comes into play. In these situations it focuses my mind, calms me down and makes me happy.

One of the better parts of the week (and there have been a couple of those, too!) was last Friday not only did I get paid my salary, but also a not insubstantial bonus. And, yes, I will admit that a not insubstantial amount of that bonus went on my main love in life ... tea.

And I brought a large selection of tea from Chash Tea. It was rather like supermarket sweep. The whole transaction took mere seconds. But that simply was down to the fact that I had already picked which tea's I was buying days beforehand. I like to be organised.

One of the many gorgeous blends that I purchased in those heady few minutes was a simply beautiful twist on Earl Grey. It's their gorgeous Lavender Earl Grey.

I have been a huge fan of floral tea's since the very early days of my tea drinking life. Whether that floral taste is rose, lavender, orange blossom or peony, if it's floral, it's all good.

Tonight, after a day with a stubborn, unshiftable headache, I needed something not only tasty but calming, too. Something to snuggle down with whilst I blog and watch my favourite television shows. And with Lavender Earl Grey you need not look any further. This is just about as perfect as floral tea as you could possibly get.

From the moment you open up that packet, the gorgeous aroma of lavender just ignites those senses. It's so aromatic, so familiar and luxurious that I just stand their salivating whilst the tea infuses.

And it's just so beautiful to look at, too.

I love how the dark black leaves stands out against the splashes of colour. Bright pinks and purples are shocking against the tea making a tea that is visually impressive.

Lavender Earl Grey is a tea for all of the senses. It is alluring, comforting and joyful.

I infused this tea for several minutes and settled down, quietly to enjoy this tea. From the first sip to the last this is a fully flavoured blend and is just about as perfect as it can get for us floral tea lovers.

The base tea used is Chash Tea's equally delightful (as yet not reviewed, but I'll get round to it) Earl Grey blend. So already it's fragrant and delicious. I love how the black tea is smooth, strong and satisfying and is robust enough to support the many flavours that this tea holds.

The lavender in this tea is quite strong and very different from some of the other floral blends out there. So, when either adding this loose tea to handmade bags or in infusers you don't need to go overboard on the amount of tea that you use.

Oh, so what of the flavour?

This is just gorgeous. I love how rich the lavender is. I just love how the flavour rolls around your mouth for ages after the tea has been drunk and the mug is empty. It's very equally balanced, too. So when you drink this tea you also do taste the flavour of the actual tea, not just lavender. It would be easy for the lavender to be overpowering, but actually, it isn't. It's tasty and it's moreish, and it really does leave you wanting another cup, but it is so well balanced with the tea.

It also has a truly natural feel to it. I have tried many floral blends (many of them expensive) which were horrid as they just tasted artificial, with oily qualities. With this blend the lavender could almost of been harvested yesterday. I have drunk a lot of rose flavoured tea's lately so it's nice to make a change.

This tea is so relaxing. I feel so much better after each cup that I drink. This is ideal to unwind to after a busy day and it truly does lift your spirits. I'm curled up on drinking my second cup of the evening and never have I felt more snug, settled and comfortable. I tend to use lavender in my bath to achieve the same feeling, and I do actually think it's better to get that comfortable feeling through drinking lavender tea!

If you like your flavoured tea with a bit of oomph then this is certainly the blend for you! Chash have created a really special blend, mixing a satisfying strength with a feminine delicateness. Honestly, this tea deserves to be served from a teapot, straight into your best china! It deserves nothing less.

Lavender Earl Grey is a wonderful blend that is delightful in every way. And I cannot recommend this tea highly enough.

Friday, 12 May 2017

The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company: Exotic Coconut

This evening I am drinking a tea that I really wasn't sure I was going to like. I'm not a great lover of coconut in any form and have picked up this tea and put it down again. Picked it up, then decided to review something else. However, I have been really surprised by my reaction to this blend. I have fallen head over heels with it, in fact.

The tea is from a fairly new tea company to me, The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company and the tasty blend is Exotic Coconut.

Last month I was very kindly contacted by the company after reviewing another of their blends that I had discovered through the teatourist tea subscription service. They kindly asked if I'd like to have some more tea's to review and I said yes. This blend was included in that parcel.

The tea came in quite a large packet so there is plenty of this tea to go round. It's a black tea that is beautifully dotted with colour from the additional ingredients. The splashes of bright orange come from the exotic Lulo fruit - which I admit I have never tried. The yellow comes from the added marigold, the blue from the safflower and of course, the bright white from the coconut. This tea is visually stunning.

The tea can be infused for 3-4 minutes. I over filled the teabag and steeped it for four minutes so that I can enjoy a hearty, tasty cup of tea.

As I said earlier I really am not a fan of coconut. It doesn't make me ill and I'm not coconut phobic, but I just can't get on with the weird texture coconut has. I can't stand it in cakes and desserts. Would I stand it in tea? So I was slightly sceptical about the tea. I honestly didn't think that it would be my thing.

Yet, from the very first sip, I fell head over heels in love. This is a perfectly blended cup of tea, the mixing process is just spot on. It's gentle, but fun and full of depth. It's snazzy and modern and yet traditional at the same time.

I've had a lovely day - there has been a lot going on. I have had a nice bonus from work this month, I've had some exciting news and the prospects of real change in my life. And as I sit here now, I feel really, really tired. If I was a two year old, I'd probably be described as "overtired". So when I flopped into bed with this tea, and when I took this first sip, I just instantly relaxed. Honestly. as soon as I tried the tea, I could feel my whole body just relaxing! It is a wonderful feeling.

The base tea in this blend is black tea and it's so lovely and smooth. It's quite a robust black tea that really holds it's own against the exotic flavour. But it's wonderfully smooth, rich yet not bitter, full flavoured but not overpowering. It's a really great tea.

Now, I will admit that I have no idea what Lulo fruit taste's like having never even heard of it before I received this tea in the post. But within this tea there is a slight tart flavour which I can only assume comes from the lulo fruit. It's a bit like pineapple or even lemon. Hard to put my finger on it. But the tartness does work well with the coconut.

But, oh my god, the gem of this tea is the very thing I thought would put me off the tea - coconut.  Devoid of that weird texture which I loathe, I was left solely with the taste and what a delightful taste it has. It's so wonderfully sweet. That sweetness is compatible totally with the tartness of the fruit and the richness of the actual tea. Those three flavours all work so well together that they achieve the best thing ever - bringing the  best out of one another. Their combined qualities make for a gorgeous cup of tea.

I love how refreshing this tea is. I was just so tired what I sat down to drink this tea and I feel revived, a lot calmer and very relaxed. This is the ideal in a tea - well for me anyway. Of course, taste comes first, but I also judge a tea by how it makes me feel. And this tea was perfect for what I needed tonight. It was as if my bestie were here giving me one of her fab bestie hugs!

What I really love is that gorgeous coconut flavour stays with you for ages after the cup of tea is finished.

This blend is genius and whoever created it has done a absolutely fabulous job. It's a great tea to serve instead of coffee after dinner, but saying that it's just as good first thing in the morning. It's a all day type of tea.

Exotic Coconut would be ideal to serve at a afternoon tea next to beautiful cakes.  And actually, it would be great to use as wedding favours too, as I think this would appeal to both men and women.

I am SO glad that I got to try this tea and I'm so glad that I really liked it, too! I was positive that I wouldn't so I was shocked that I loved it as much as I do.

I am also very glad that the pack is HUGE. I am hoping this tea will last me for a long time!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Ahmad Tea: Mango and Lychee Souffle

It's been well over three years since I established Laura's Tea Room. And yet, whenever I am approached by tea companies, asking if I'd like some samples to feature on the blog, I still get excited. In fact I still feel now like I did the first time I was contacted by a company. I still love this blog as much as I did when I started.

Recently I was contacted by Ahmad Tea asking if I'd like to review some tea's. Not only was I thrilled at the offer but felt rather nostalgic, too. Ahmad Tea were one of the first tea companies willing to send me samples when I established the blog. Though I had only posted one or two reviews, they kindly trusted me and were generous with their samples. I'm still so grateful to all those companies willing to help me out.

At the end of last year I was in London with my bestie and we went into a souvenir store and I saw plenty of Ahmad tea's on sale. As it was near Christmas I didn't have much money but did manage to treat myself to a cute caddy bursting full of Earl Grey tea. (Funnily enough I have to get on the number 15 bus to work every Sunday morning!) Through that I rediscovered my love for Ahmad tea.

Today I received another generous amount of tea. I was so excited. I will review the rest over time. I was totally undecided on what tea to review first so I just closed my eyes mixed them up and picked at random. The tea that I picked was Mango and Lychee Souffle. A tea which is part of their dessert range.

Firstly, I must say how utterly beautiful I found the packaging to be! I love the modern, fresh imagery, the subtle baby colours used in the design, yet they still incorporate the traditional Ahmad logo. It's really pretty and I was especially careful not to rip the packaging when opening.

This blend comes in the form of a silky pyramid type bag. Each box contains 15 pyramids.

Mango and Lychee is a Chinese green tea. What I loved about the appearance of the tea is how green the leaves looked within the tea bag. It's really pretty and healthy looking.

When I opened the packet I loved the sweet, rich, fruity aroma. Just delicious.

As this is a green tea I boiled the water in the kettle and let it cool a little. I timed the infusion process for exactly three minutes. I had made a cup earlier in the day and left it to infuse for longer and it had started to take on a slightly astringent quality, so I'd infuse this carefully. I find three minutes is spot on.

I have had mango in tea before, certainly not lychee! I adore lychee's and eat them fresh or from a can when out of season. I love the sweet, stickiness of the fruit so was beyond excited to see they were included in this blend of tea.

This is a extremely aromatic blend and this tea is real treat even from the moment  you open the packet. It has a lightness to the scent, it's hard to describe in words but it's fresh and it feels new, so different from the many fruit flavours that are commonly used in tea.

Having carefully infused the tea it was nice to see that the tea brewed to a light, sparkling green colour. Very pleasant to the eye.

When I settled down and started to drink this tea I found it to have a very pleasant, sweet flavour. Not overly sweet, but sweet enough. As this is a green tea it still has that earthy element, which I happen to love, so this earthiness and the sweetness work well together. Instead of cancelling each other out, this has been blended so well that those two unique qualities work well together, hand in hand almost.

The green tea is earthy and it does have that grassy element to it. And those elements do weave through the tea. But that provides a good solid base to the sweetness of the fruit. So not only does this make a gorgeous fruity tea but it also satisfies  those of us who love the solidness you get from green tea.

I do happen to think that the mango and lychee are two flavours that work exceptionally well together. Mango is common and is lovely in tea but having included lychee in the tea, Ahmad's blenders have created something really special.

The first of the fruity flavours that come through is the gorgeous, familiar sweetness of mango. I will admit I am partial to both mango and lychee so I could be biased! However, that rich, fresh mango taste is literally mouthwatering. And addictive too. It just fills your mouth which a lovely feeling and it feels as though you could be eating fresh pieces of mango.

Lychee is the more subtle of the two flavours, but certainly does hold it's own and you'd surely miss the lychee if it wasn't included. It has that unique, fragrant flavour that I really enjoy in lychees. Out of the mango and lychee it's the lychee flavour that stays with me for quite some time after the cup has been finished.

There are many things that I really liked about this tea. One of them is that this is such a refreshing, reviving cup of tea. It would make the ideal treat after a busy day.  Due to the fruits used and to it's refreshing qualities, this is such a light tea. And it's perfect for summer. It's best drunk at dusk, in the garden, listening to the sounds of the birds nesting and settling for the night.

I think that this is a genius of a blend. As a weightwatcher, I find it's a perfect replacement for a dessert. I love how the flavours stay with you for ages after you've finished the cup, it leaves that sweetness in your mouth for some while and it's just utterly delightful.

This tea has won a Great Taste award and I can fully understand why.

I was so impressed with this tea. I'm a Ahmad fan anyway, I've yet to try a tea I've not been impressed by. But this is something extra special. It's like summer in a cup. It's tasty, comforting, whilst being fun and refreshing. It's a modern type of tea in a modern packaging with a modern twist on flavours.There is nothing wrong with tradition of course, yet it's nice to push the boundaries and try something different!

I now cannot wait to try one of the other tea's I've been sent -  Pear and Cinnamon Strudel!

I really hope that you decide to try this tea. I think you'll love it and it's ideal for those green tea lovers who like to have their tea flavoured, And if you are just stepping into the green tea world - which can be daunting at times - this is a ideal tea to take to make those first steps.

All I will say is infuse with caution. If you use hot water or infuse for too long this does have a tendency to go slightly bitter. That, though, is a fault that is laid at my door. I should of concentrated!

I will end by saying a huge thank you to Ahmad for sending me out this wonderful tea. And I certainly cannot wait to try more!

Basilur Tea: Orange Pekoe

I have so many tea's in my tea cupboard. I have black tea, green tea, white tea, fruit infusion's, herbal blends and oolongs. All I'm really missing is yellow tea.

Out of all this choice today, I wanted a simple black tea. It's been a quite busy morning, so as I sat down earlier for a spot of lunch I opted to go for this simple but delightful black tea from Basilur Tea.
It's a gorgeous Orange Pekoe tea from their Specialty range.  

When I first started out on my tea journey (baring in mind that I knew no one with a interest in tea) I quite wrongly concluded that Orange Pekoe tea was actually flavoured with orange. Yes, I wince with embarrassment when I look back on that. And how delicately the young man from Twinings told me I was wrong. But, life is all about learning and I've learned a lot in seven years!

So no, Orange Pekoe is not a orange flavoured tea! Rather, it refers to the grading of the tea. And Orange Pekoe is one of the higher grades of tea. This is a beautiful Ceylon tea.

This blend came wrapped in single foil sachets and is of the standard teabag format. The teabag is filled generously with a large amount of tea.

I infused this blend for several minutes as I do tend to like my tea strong. I was enchanted with the tea because it steeped to a dark black colour, almost coffee like. It's really pretty to look at - I love richly coloured tea's.

This Orange Pekoe tea is a strong, sturdy black tea. It's the sort of tea that is good for the soul. It's the type of tea that will settle me when I'm nervous, comfort me when I'm upset or provide a warm hug when I'm not quite myself. This is tea how it should be.

I like that this Ceylon tea is strong. I have finally found a black tea that is strong and full flavoured without having that odd malty taste that Assam can have and which puts me off.

What made me fall in love at first sip is that it has such a smooth element to it. It has a rich, depth of flavour that you only really do get with higher quality tea. It's easy to drink and though infused for quite some time, lacks any sort of bitterness or sharpness.

In addition to the strength of the the blend and it's natural smoothness there is also a nutty element to this tea which does rather remind me of Yunnan blends that I've tried recently.  It's a fully rounded, hearty tea that I think will satisfy even the hardest to please tea drinkers.

As the tea cools in the cup the tea almost softens, for want of a better word. That strength settles down a little and it takes on a richer flavour. It's like you will experience several different tea's in the one cup. I really like it!

Regular readers will know that I always take my tea black (with the exception of chai tea) and unsweetened, however, I think this tea would sit well with the addition of milk and sugar if that's how you like to take your tea. For those who like to add a slice of lemon to their tea, I believe that would work well with this tea also. So it's a very versatile cup of tea.

There is nothing simple about this tea, it's delightful. But if you want a pure, black tea, unflavoured, unfussy and tasty then this is a brilliant blend to to keep in the tea cupboard. I find it satisfying and comforting and exceptionally moreish.

I tend to judge tea companies by their pure, unflavoured tea's. You can mask a bad tea easily by adding flavours and additional ingredients. In it's pure state the tea is exposed. Basilur Tea never let me down. The tea is always of the highest quality, whether that be a Ceylon black tea or a Sencha green tea. I can honestly say I have yet to experience a "bad" tea with Basilur. They set a benchmark in tea.

This Orange Pekoe tea was a delight to drink and I fully enjoyed it. I needed black tea today, I wanted to get back to basics. I've had such a exciting time recently trying all sorts of tea's in exciting shapes and colours. Black tea though is like an invisible friend. Always there in the wings, knowing I'll return to it. Knowing that I'll need it before too long. Today I did and I've enjoyed a luxury of a tea.

In fact, I've loved it so much that I had my second cup within a half hour of the first. And I can't recommend this tea any higher than that.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Mais Ervas: Peppermint Tea

There is one type of tea that is conspicuous by it's absence here on Laura's Tea Room. That tea is peppermint tea.

For many, many years I have loathed peppermint tea. In reality though, the only peppermint tea I've ever really had is one of those cheap supermarket own brands, you know the type, you get 20 bags for 70p (this was round about 2006ish, so I expect prices have gone up a bit!).

The peppermint tea put me off for life. It had a sickly sweet taste to it, it really just reminded me of a Trebor Extra Strong Mint. A Trebor Extra Strong Mint that had been thrown into a cup and had hot water poured over it. I'm not actually convinced actual peppermint was even included in the blend, it was probably just peppermint oil or something equally horrid.

But this really does prove my point that if you buy bad tea and have a bad experience, or even if you buy good tea and prepare it incorrectly, it can put you off for life.

In April's fabulous teatourist box this peppermint tea was included. It's from a company called Mais Ervas.

This evening I thought the time was right to give peppermint tea another whirl. There was, I thought, nothing to loose.

The first impressions of this tea were very positive. Instead of having that sweet, sugary smell I remembered so much and hated from the tea I had tried, this smelt like natural, healthy garden mint. Just very yummy indeed.

The peppermint tea is a large leaved tea with a gorgeous green colour - all very lush and mouthwatering. I was actually looking forward to trying this tea.

I infused the tea for well over five minutes to get a stronger flavour. It steeped to a light green colour.

So, I settled down and took a sip - and I was actually pleasantly surprised. There was none of that sugary, sickly sweet element that I thought this tea - or any peppermint tea for that matter - would have.

Instead this has a vibrant, fresh taste. It's crisp and keen and very refreshing indeed. The minty flavour just makes your tastebuds burst into life and they dance away with every sip. Your tongue tingles with the freshness of the tea and it really make your mouth feel refreshed. And I felt incredibly relaxed whilst drinking this tea.

This is perfect also to aid digestion and I did have a bit of a rumbly tummy and it has honestly really settled it down. I'm quite impressed and I would never of believed that I would actually like a peppermint tea.

I'm not sure if peppermint tea will ever really enter into my daily tea drinking regime. It's a bit like ginger tea, I think I'll indulge when I fancy a cup. And I doubt that I'll fancy one every day. But I'm so glad that I've tried this tea - it's put some tea drinking demon's to rest!

I'll never buy peppermint tea from a supermarket. I know I don't like those branded tea's. But when you get peppermint tea as fresh and healthy as this then I'll certainly purchase some more.

I never thought I'd give mint tea a thumbs up but I have! And I'm off to make a second cup!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Morgan's Brew Tea Company: Gunpowder Tea

It's fair to say that recently I've tried quite a lot of tea's of all varieties. And never have I been happier. I love all the different types of tea for plenty of different reason's, but I will admit that I am a bit partial to a nice green tea.

And Gunpowder green tea is a particular favourite, so this evening, whilst craving a cup of green tea, decided to try and review this lovely blend which was part of April's teatourist box from their subscription service. The tea is from Morgan's Brew Tea Company and it's a fabulous Gunpowder Green. 

I have explained in previous reviews of other gunpowder green tea's, the distinctive name of the tea comes from the fact that the green tea leaves are rolled tightly into small balls which really do resemble old gun shot!

This wonderful blend makes an impression almost from the first moment. The tea has gorgeous leaves and I love how there are three shades of green within this tea. So attractive and interesting to look at!

When I snipped open the packet  I absolutely loved the strong, earthy aroma this tea has. For me, who loves green tea's grassy elements, I was in seventh heaven.

I will admit that I probably overfilled the teabag somewhat but I just wanted to get as much of this tea into the cup as I possibly could! I couldn't wait for the kettle to boil and I stuck rigidly to the two minute infusion rule. Mainly, of course, because I wanted to taste the tea at it's very best, but I'll also admit that I felt far too impatient to wait any longer.

To my surprise, the tea infused to a dark green colour which was really quite pretty.

From the moment I took my first sip I was not at all disappointed with this tea. It has everything in it that I so obsess over when it comes to green tea.

Firstly, this is a full flavoured green tea. Green tea is a tea that can vary in taste quite a lot. On one end of the spectrum you have the light, floral type flavour and at the other end you have the heavier, grassy one. This tea is probably midway between the two. Strong and satisfying without being overbearing and bitter.

This is a Chinese green tea and because of that it has a rich, smooth flavour and is incredibly easy to drink. It has a intense depth of flavour that is very common with gunpowder green and which I find totally irresistable.

Whilst drinking this blend I felt totally revived and it will be the perfect cup of tea to consume after a long day at work. It's also incredibly refreshing too, and sometimes I don't always feel refreshed after a cup of tea. This blend is just perfect!

Gunpowder Green is the ideal tea if you like your green tea on the stronger side, full of flavour and packed full of the familiar (and much loved) grassy, earthy elements. However, if you are  new to green tea and find it quite strong, you can always add a little bit of sweetener or honey to soften the strength without losing any of the natural flavour.

This is just a utterly delightful cup of tea. And I am really pleased I got the chance to try it!

With each sip of this tea I fall even more in love with green tea. And that can only be a good thing!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Spice Professors: Very Berry

I have a very cool boss. For the purposes of this blog he shall be called simply Mr M.

Last year Mr M went on several travels and brought me some very precious and much appreciated gifts. Firstly, he went to Liverpool. You may, or may not, know that I am a through and through Beatle nut. Not a day goes by when I don't listen to a Beatles song. Not a day goes by when I don't post some sort of Beatle picture onto Twitter. In fact my admiration for the four cheeky Liverpudlian's - otherwise known as 'my boys' - is so ingrained that during my recent bout with stomach flu took to singing 'Dear Prudence" inbetween heaving. They got me through the worst of it.

Anyway, whilst Mr M was in Liverpool he very kindly brought me two things. A really handy Beatle shopping bag and this gorgeous mug which is used almost daily.

The mug is ace. Not only does it hold A LOT of tea, it keeps it steaming hot for ages and ages.

At the end of last year Mr M went to New York and brought me back this pack of tea. And this evening I'm enjoying a cup tucked up warmly in bed. It's been a long (and at some points stressful) day and to be able to sleep, I know I have to get out in words what is buzzing in my head. And there is no better way to do that then blog.

The tea I'm reviewing is from Spice Professor's and it's herbal infusion called Very Berry.

Now, this blend is not available in the UK sadly as Spice Professors are based in New York and I will admit that it's a great shame as I think this blend would be a real hit in this country. It certainly has in this house!

Very Berry contains three things. Hibiscus petals, elderberries and raisins. Along with natural flavouring. A simple tea on the surface but one which the ingredients work so well together through excellent pairing.

This tea is incredibly aromatic when opening the packet. It's fresh and fruity with a interesting zing. 

Aesthetically, this is one of the most interesting tea's I've seen in a long time. It's just so very, very pretty. Against the dark blackness from the raisin's and elderberries you have the splash of shocking pink from the hibiscus petals. I can't find anything wrong with this tea so far.

As the cup is quite big I filled two teabags with the tea. One fully filled and the other half filled. I waited for the steeping and timed it for exactly four minutes - a perfect time for me when making fruit tea.

When you take the first sip of this blend the first flavour that comes through is the elderberries. The elderberries are quite sharp and this is the stronger of all the flavours in this tea. I like it's tartness, it makes the blend interesting and really keeps you on your toes.

Second to the elderberries is the sweet, succulent flavour of the raisins themselves. This is what got me really excited about the tea - raisin's. I have had raisin tea before and absolutely loved it. And it's no different in this tea. The sweetness is just the right balance to take the edge off the elderberries sharp flavour without being too much that it's uncomfortable to drink - I cannot stand overly sweet tea, so for me personally, this is the perfect blend between two flavours.

Swirling throughout this fruity infusion is the gorgeous floral flavour of the hibiscus petal's. I'm absolutely mad on floral tea as you regular readers will know, so I found this a delightful addition to this gorgeous blend.

With each sip of this tea you go through three very different stages. Firstly you get hit with the sharpness from the elderberries, secondly, you have the sweet sensation from the raisin's. And last, but not least, a light and airy floral flavour from the hibiscus.  So perfectly blended and created is this tea that you experience a full range of flavours and textures.

I am not hugely a fruit tea person. I will give them all a try but normally they don't make that much of a impression on me. However, this tea absolutely has. And because it's not available in the UK I've tended to limit how much of this tea I have. I have a cup a month and no more.

It's a real shame that I wont be able to experience anymore of their flavours. I saw their blueberry tea and said to myself "ooh that's interesting ..." absolutely forgetting I can't get the tea here. Not before adding the tea to the basket and looking for my purse!

But, I'm also very grateful that I was able to try a tea that normally I wouldn't of even known existed.

So, I have to end this by thanking Mr M for thinking of me and bringing this tea home to try. And I honestly have loved every sip.